Business Tax

ASW Accounting can handle your small to medium-sized business taxes from start to finish. Everything from bookkeeping, GST returns, corporate taxes, and financial statements. Just send us the income, expenses, and bank statements and we can do the rest. Whether you live locally or farther away, we do business taxes from all over Alberta and other provinces.

We use inclusive pricing so you know the fixed cost of our basic service upfront. A single fee includes bookkeeping, GST returns, corporate taxes, financial statements, and up to 2 basic personal tax returns. You may incur separate costs for additional services, some of which are listed in the “other services” section. Contact us for pricing.

Sole Proprietorships and Partnerships

If your business is unincorporated, then you either have a sole proprietorship (just yourself) or a partnership (in business with another person). This income goes on your personal tax return and you pay taxes and Canada Pension Plan on your net profits. This includes side gigs like Uber, home businesses like Tupperware, and larger businesses with an office location.

New clients with existing sole proprietorships will need to provide a full copy of their prior year tax return for asset depreciation and other carry-forward amounts.


Incorporated businesses are a separate legal entity and as such need to file separate corporate tax returns. In Alberta, you will need to file both a federal and a provincial tax return in most cases. It is important that new clients provide us with their last year corporate tax returns and financial statements along with their minute book information (certificate and articles of incorporation, annual returns, etc.).

Bookkeeping and GST Returns

We offer complete bookkeeping services to accurately calculate your net income for tax purposes. Organizing your receipts by month makes it easier for us, but we understand life gets busy so bring us your shoebox of receipts and we can take care of it for you. Once the bookkeeping is done, we will file your GST returns as often as required (typically quarterly or annually).

Financial Statements

We prepare unaudited financial statements (now more formally called Compiled Financial Information) according to CSRS4200 requirements. We do not offer reviewed or audited financial statements, and as such, financial statements will be prepared based on information provided by the owners of the business.