What to Bring to File Your 2023 Personal Tax

1) In order to file your personal taxes effectively we need the following information:

  • All slips such as T4’s, T5’s (investments), T4(OAS), T4A(P), T4E (unemployment), RRSP contributions and withdrawals, T2202A (tuition)

2) Details of other income for which no slips have been received such as:

  • Business income
  • Partnership income
  • Rental income
  • Alimony, separation allowances, child maintenance
  • Pensions (certain pension income may now be split between spouses)
  • Other employment income (including stock option plans and Election Form T1212)
  • Interest income earned but not yet received – ex. Canada Savings Bonds, Deferred Annuities, Term Deposits, Treasury Bills, Mutual Funds
  • Scholarships, fellowships, bursaries

3) Details of other expenses such as:

  • Tools acquired by apprentice mechanics
  • Business and employment purchases like vehicles, supplies, etc.
  • Interest on money borrowed to purchase investments
  • Moving expenses – including costs of maintaining a vacant former residence
  • Child care expenses –also including preschool fees
  • Alimony, separation allowances, child maintenance
  • Pension plan contributions
  • Medical Expenses (including Travel, Rx official receipts required)
  • Home Accessibility Tax Credit -receipts for renovations
  • New Home Buyers Tax Credit
  • TL2- Claim for meals and lodging signed by your employer
  • T2200 – Conditions of employment signed by the employer for cell phone, tools, etc.
  • Interest on student loans
  • Political contributions
  • Dates you left and returned to Canada, if applicable
  • Disabilities – let us know if you or a family member has a disability so you get all the credits you’re entitled to
  • Property Sale Documents (income properties and principal residences must be reported)